Somali pirates with guides from Uzhgorod were caught in Transcarpathia


The border guards of Mukachevo Detachment together with the officers of SSU detained four illegal migrants from Somalia in Berehovo district. The foreigners were accompanied by two Ukrainians. The law enforcement agents stopped the car Fiat driven by 21-year-old Uzhgorod citizen with violators 4 km before the border line. The Somalis confessed that they intended to get to Austria and they paid $ 2500 for illegal trip. The foreigners were delivered to border subdivision and two guided were taken to SSU. A question is raised as to institution of an action against the case on illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine.

In general, from the beginning of the current year the officers of State Border Service apprehended about forty illegal migrants from Somalia, and 75 of them were caught last year.