Moldavians and Afghanis were trying to get to EU through the woods of Transcarpathia


Two groups of illegal migrants were apprehended by the officers of border department “V.Bereznyi”. At midnight the district inspector apprehended 4 citizens of Moldova – 3 women and 1 man. As it was cleared out, a group was hiding in the forest waiting for darkness. Later on, a man orienting by compass led women to the border. His charges confessed that they planned to get to Italy to find a job. Each of them paid € 2500 for illegal trip. The violators were delivered to subdivision of State Border Service. Now the question is raised as to institution of an action against 29-year-old smuggler according to Article 332 “Illegal transportation of persons through state border of Ukraine”.

Two citizens of Ukraine helped detect the second group of the foreigners who were detained not far from the state border. The border guards checked thoroughly the locality around and found four foreigners (citizens of Afghanistan) who were hiding in the woods. The border guards had not learnt yet how the Afghanis got to Ukrainian-Slovakian border. The participation of two detained Ukrainians to trip organization is ascertained.