Poltava region is attacked by illegal migrants


Every year Poltava region is visited by 3 to 5 thousand foreigners, about 60% among them are those arriving here on “private” affairs, 20% – students of local universities and more than 10% are tourists. However, there are not a few foreigners among guests attracted to Ukraine as to “transit corridor” on the way to Europe. Telling the truth, not everybody reaches the final point and they “settle” in Ukraine correspondingly without registration, place of residence, without right to work and with no money.

This year more than 160 illegal migrants were caught by law enforcement agents in Poltava region who unsuccessfully tried to “pass” Ukrainian legislation and to get accustomed to the ground of the region. Almost 15% illegal migrants among them addicting themselves to criminal activities as a single possible way, so to say, in order to “keep afloat” during their stay in the foreign land.

Since the beginning of the year 2010 – 58 cases were directed to district courts of Poltava region concerning the criminal activities committed by the foreigners. A good half of them are sordid crimes done by migrants from Transcaucasia, citizens of Russian Federation and Belorussia. Thus, in particular, this year district courts has considered criminal cases like 20 thefts, 17 swindles, 2 robberies and brigandish attacks.

5% out of general number of unlawful actions committed by the foreigners comprise violent crimes, besides: sexual crimes, hooliganism and fights. Fortunately, these cases are less, however according to its character of harmful consequences for life and health of suffered persons they rather often predominate over the total number. Two Russians and one Belorussian are called to criminal responsibility for violation of the traffic safety rules with lethal outcomes.

It is rather difficult to counteract illegal migration, all the more organized criminality that creates conditions to smuggling cheap manpower through the state border.  However, at the same time with problem of detection and clampdown of illegal channels of “migration”, Bodies of Interior are troubled with another thing less serious – frank defiance by individual foreigners during their stay in Ukraine, legal rights and interests of Ukrainian citizens as well as including those foreigners who swerve from the control of Migration Service.  

Creating adequate conditions for safe stay of foreigners on the territory of the state, law enforcement agents, in their turn, demand from foreign “guests” respect the Law of Ukraine and have respectful attitude to rights and interests of Ukrainian citizens. It should be realized that guaranteed by Constitution “equality before the Law” (independently on the race and colour of skin) is not limited exceptionally by realization of rights, but requests absolute implementation of rights before the state as well as society. 

Source: http://poltava.info/news/poltava/item/2010/10/26/13-46-40/Poltavschinu-atakujut-nelegali.htm