19 illegal migrants and three citizens of Transcarpathia were apprehended by Slovakian border guards


During one day Slovakian border police detained 19 illegal migrants nearby Ukrainian border. Three Ukrainians were also caught who were suspected in organization of smuggling the illegal migrants through Ukrainian-Slovakian border.

According to information of representative of Border Police, the most illegal migrants are the citizens of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Moldova and Somali.

Three citizens of Transcarpathia together with 8 under age Somalis and Afghanis were detained by Slovakian police in the forest near the village Prislop, Snynskyi district.

According to the words of representative of Slovakian Border Police, taking into account that Ukrainians are suspected in the crime connected with organization of illegal cross of the migrants through Ukrainian-Slovakian border, the case is inquired by National Subdivision on Fight against Illegal Migration.

In accordance with Slovakian-Ukrainian agreement about readmission of persons detained in Slovakia, illegal migrants are handed over to Ukrainian side.

Source: http://ua-reporter.com/novosti/97496