Asylum seekers from “7th kilometer” were running to Moldova


     Border detail of Odessa region apprehended a car some meters before the state border. The car making its way to Moldova was driven by 61-year-old Ukrainian man. The man drove three passengers – two citizens of Afghanistan (22 and 24 years old) and 34-year-old Ukrainian.

     Both foreigners had certificates on case consideration as to refugee status granting issued by Kharkiv MS. The Afghanis confessed that they were working in the market “7th kilometer” and they decided to move because of a poor income. For the search of a better work they decided to go to Moldova and started to look for illegal way to cross the border.

     At the present moment border guards drew an administrative protocol as to a driver about order break rendering foreigners transport services, and another document was drawn as to illegal migrants concerning their attempt to cross the border illegally. A question is decides concerning the third passenger who is suspected in organization of smuggling.