Accommodation Centre for keeping illegal migrants is proposed to be built in Chop


 On November 23, a meeting took place in Chop with participation of officials of institutions, enterprises and organizations of the town, chairmen of municipal public organization, deputies, chairmen of permanent deputy commissions, local residents.

 The topic of discussion was a question on TAC building for illegal migrants on the territory of Chop Border Detachment. Aiming at decision-making which would satisfy local society, authoritative and respectful persons were invited to participate there. The majority of presented persons at the meeting on discussion of the present problem expressed their opinion concerning carrying over the centre outside the town. As it is known, this topic is not a new one for the residents of our region, as in the end of the year 2008 due to the efforts of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration and deputies of Transcarpathian Regional Council it was possible to close a similar centre in v.Pavshyno. At that time, Transcarpathians welcomed that very important event. In May 2010, Chop Local Council sent an appeal to President of Ukraine and Cabinet of Ministers about non-admission of TAC opening on the territory of Transcarpathia. Supporting Mukachevo people in such a way the village Dercen became under threat.  

Commander of Chop Border Detachment Sambor Y.A. “…at the present moment there is already a similar centre, it is said about its closing aiming at building of a modern premise which will correspond to European standards.  Thus, European funds will be attracted on this purpose. The premises are planned to be placed on the territory of Border Detachment. It will be possible to keep 66 persons from among illegal migrants…”

The mayor Tsar G.V. assured the participators that position of society is principle for her: “I will act in a direction you show me.”

It should be pointed that opening of existed TAC took place already in 2005. Practically lobby decision was made on its placement and building at that time without any agreement with society. Now, on initiative of the mayor Tsar G.V., problem is discussed with participation of local public.

The head doctor of Uzhgorod District Sanitary-Epidemiologic Station Parada I.I. remembered about cases on appearance of some extrinsic for us diseases happened in 2005 which were connected with keeping illegal migrants on the territory of border detachment.

Representative of education sphere also did not speak well for the building connected their express with location of secondary school nearby the unit.  

 On Friday November 26, an open day will take place at Border Unit with the aim to acquaint public and deputies of Local Council with the existing centre on keeping illegal migrants and preliminary planned place for centre location.