Dog of the border guards slowed down illegal migrants nearby the very border in Transcarpathia


At about 3 a.m. detail of border post “Onokovtsy” stopped two men with the help of service dog 100 m before the border. The officers found documents not far from the place of detention which were thrown by the detainees. Illegal migrants were 20 and 31-year-old citizens of Georgia. They arrived to Ukraine through airport “Dnepropetrovsk”. They did not want to cross the border illegally using the map.

Two Moldavians were caught with the help of local residents who informed border guards of border post “Kamyanytsya” about strangers. As it was cleared out, 23 and 39-year-old Moldavians also arrived to Ukraine officially. They confessed that they were in the search of better life conditions and wanted to get to Italy.