Border guards were catching a group of Moldavian trespassers in Odessa region


Five citizens of Moldova compelled to run well the border guards of Ukraine and Moldova. In the evening detail of check point “Udobne” with the help of thermal imager from observing tower noticed a group of persons making their way from Moldova to Ukraine. A reaction group was sent into the area of possible break and informed border guards at adjoining side. Soon officers of SBS found a man who was hiding in the bushes. Two more persons ran into the garden nearby the village Udobne seeing border guards from where unfamiliar man ran out.

Searching groups with a searching dog were formed for detention of trespassers. At 1 a.m. Ukrainian border guards apprehended two citizens of Moldova in the suburb of the village Udobne. One more violator hiding in the village was found at about 4 o’clock in the morning. Besides, Moldavian border guards stopped their country fellow in the village Palanka at about 1 a.m. who was trying to get to Ukraine illegally.

Officers of SBS drew up administrative protocols concerning three detained persons for illegal cross of the border and as to their country fellow who was waiting for the accomplices in the garden – for the break of the rules on stay in Ukraine. Circumstances of the delinquency and goal of illegal trip of the citizens of Moldova are establishing.