The border guards did not let to Ukraine four Iraqis who did not where and to who they arrived


In the airport “Boryspil” border guards refused in entering four potential illegal migrants – citizens of Iraq who flied from Damascus. Two foreigners, as to their version, arrived being invited by one business association aiming at learning market of wood and metal in Ukraine. During the interview it was cleared out that Iraqis did not know that they had to go to Odessa. Moreover, they even could not tell the name of organization which invited them. The officers of State Border Service contacted the organization which issued invitation. There border guards were told that they invited foreigners as volunteers and not as businessman.

Other two passengers of this flight arrived with private address on invitation of citizen from Kharkov. They also could not tell where to and to who they came. The travellers tried to convince the border guards that they would be on a visit to a country fellow who was waiting for them. However the lat confessed that he was just asked to meet the visitors with who he was not acquainted personally.