About 70% of illegal migrants come to Ukraine illegally


For some time past the mechanism of arriving of illegal migrants to Ukraine is rather changed. Until the year 2008 the majority of them got to Ukraine illegally, so nowadays 65-70% of them come to the territory of Ukraine by legal way. The reasons of such structural change are complex measures carried out on the state level by all law enforcement bodies the work of which is directed upon the stop of illegal move through the border by illegal migrants. Herewith, the law enforcement agents do not set as a principle the fight against the number of these citizens illegally coming to the territory of our country but concentrate their efforts upon the fight against the organized channels of these migrants’ moving. It is rather easy to get to Ukraine today having tourist, private and especially student visa. The biggest problem is with students who getting student visa arrive to Ukraine, pay big money for studies at universities but never arrive there. They intend to cross illegally the western border of Ukraine at once willing to get to the countries of European Union.

Source: http://pvu.gov.ua/control/uk/publish/article?art_id=110027&cat_id=62916