Tadzhik leaded three Afghanis through Ukrainian border


The border guards of Kharkov region detained four trespassers who crossed illegally border between Russian village Lozova Rudka and Ukrainian one Sotnytskyi Kozachok. The law enforcement agents learnt about the possible cross of the border in time and got ready well. The detail of Department “Tymofiivka” apprehended “uninvited guest” some metres before the line of state border.  As it was established later, three detainees were citizens of Afghanistan. Their fellow traveller called himself the citizen of Tadzhikistan living in Russian border village nearby Ukrainian border was probably was their guide. The foreigners were delivered to border subdivision. After finding out circumstances, a legal decision will be made on infringement of the law concerning the detainees.

Source: http://pvu.gov.ua/control/uk/publish/article?art_id=110018&cat_id=48886