The resident of Lvov smuggled Afghanis through Transcarpathia to the countries of EU


On May 10, 2011 the staff of SSU in Transcarpathian region unmasked and detained Lvov’s resident being one of the organizers of illegal transportation of citizens from Afghanistan through the state border of Ukraine.  As it was established, in the end of January this man smuggled 9 foreigners from Lvov by a regular bus to Transcarpathian region where he had accomplices for further transportation of illegal migrants abroad. Concerning the present citizen of Ukraine the investigators of Ukrainian Department of Security Service in Transcarpathian region instituted a criminal case on the signs of offence foreseen by Part 2 Article 332 (organization of illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine as to preliminary collusion by the group of persons) of Criminal Code of Ukraine. the malefactor is threatened with imprisonment for the period of 3-7 years. Pre-trial investigation is carried out concerning the case.