This year Chop border guards detained 100 illegal migrants


In the year 2010 border guards of Chop Border Detachment detected 840 illegal migrants and during the five months of 2011 about 100 “seekers of better fate” found asylum in the temporary accommodation centers.

Besides the fight against illegal migrants, border guards have to detect and attracted to responsibility unlawful elements connected with transportation of illegal migrants through the state line in the limits of Ukrainian-Hungarian, Slovakian and Polish border. Just during this year Inquest Body of Chop Border Detachment instituted 5 criminal cases as to Article 332 of CCU as to 13 residents of Transcarpathia for organization and illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine to the countries of European Union.

Carrying out analysis as to counteraction to illegal migration and considering the improvement of weather conditions attention should be accented upon the possible increase of the flow of illegal migrants in the territory of Transcarpathian region. As a rule, potential migrants intend to settle in border regions and in future they are going to cross the state border illegally. In the frames of counteraction to illegal migration and criminal groupings on April 27, 2011 border guards of Chop BD in cooperation with bodies of MOI and SSU in Transcarpathian region as well as the workers of tax police, customs and line departments of AMOIU in the Lviv railway station carried out operative-preventive action “Prophylactics -2011” in the limits of controlled border districts of Transcarpathian region.

Thus, in the frames of this operation series of actions will be held such as check of abidance the requirements on rules of foreigners’ staying on the territory of Ukraine and abidance of the standards of migration legislation, joint raids will be done by district inspectors of border service departments and police, preventive work implementation with local population, strengthening of observation work in the check points and bus stations, introduction of movable details in the train coaches going to Transcarpathia.

The separate details together with representatives of SMVI will be also organized at the principal automobile ways in order to check the transport as to possible transportation of illegal migrants.

At the same time realization of operative-preventive actions “Prophylactics” have already given the positive results, for example: on May 11 border detail detected the car which was in the search on the territory of Ukraine driven by not an owner in the international check point of automobile communication “Uzhgorod” during the border control passing.