The first meeting of National Managing Committee of project SIREADA was hold


On May 31, 2011 the first meeting of National Managing Committee SIREADA took place chaired by coordinator of the programme SVMM Mr. Steven Rodgers (IOM) directed upon the support of introduction of Agreements on Readmission between EU and Republic o Moldova, Russian Federation and Ukraine: assistance in aid rendering to voluntary return and reintegration.

On the part of Ukraine following persons participated in the meeting: director of Department of Refugees of State migration Service Nataliya Naumenko, representative of SDCIRPP MOI of Ukraine Mykola Shmorgun and Ivan Rybalko as well as representatives of State Border Service and Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

Realization of project SIREADA has been carried out by International Organization of Migration at the financial support of European Union since March 2011 until February 2013.

Ministry of Interior of Ukraine, State Border Service of Ukraine, State Migration Service were recognized as the beneficiaries of the project.

The principal components of project SIREADA have become: program of voluntary return; legal, social and medical aid for migrants kept at long/short-detentions centers for foreigners and persons without citizenship who stay illegally in Ukraine; potential strengthening in reintegration of citizens of Ukraine who return from the countries of EU undergoing any voluntary procedures or are returned from EU countries in order of readmission.

During the first meeting parties provided with general comments concerning the current state of implementation of Agreement between Ukraine and EU about the readmission of persons, situation in the detention centers, cooperation with NGOs involved in counseling the migrants and rendering social assistance.

 Proposals were expressed separately as to improvement of the cooperation among governmental structures, international and human rights organizations aiming at realization of the components of project SIREADA.