Yanukovych approved Concept of state migration policy


President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych approved Concept of state migration policy. Corresponding order № 622/2011 was signed up on May 31, 2011 and published at the official website of government’s head.    

The concept defines directions, strategic tasks of state migration policy of Ukraine, principles and priorities of activity of state bodies in the field of migration, directions in improvement of its legislative and institutional supply as well as realization of the Concept. 

In accordance with the document, the strategic directions of state migration policy realization are:

Improvement of legislation as to interior and exterior labour migration of Ukrainian citizens, entrance of foreigners and persons without citizenship to Ukraine, exit from Ukraine and transit way through the territory as well as in the sphere of fight against illegal migration; introduction of mechanism of subsidiary and temporary protection of foreigners and persons without citizenship on legislative level; specification of quotas of immigration to Ukraine considering the current and perspective demographic situation and situation appeared at labour market.

Formation of conditions for citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and persons without citizenship that live or temporary stay on legal basis on the territory of Ukraine to freedom of movement, free choice of place of residence as well as free departure of the territory of Ukraine (except the limitation specified by the law); counteraction to racism, xenophobia and religious intolerance; formation of tolerate attitude of population to migrants;

Stimulation of migrants to rational territorial allocation considering social-economic and demographic situation in the regions;

 Strengthening of social and legal protection of Ukrainian citizens who work abroad by mans of activization of international cooperation, international agreements concluding that concern issues on protection of labour migrants’ rights; creation of favorable conditions for the crossing of state borders from Ukraine by labour migrants and their stay in the country of employment; creation of favorable conditions and mechanisms for the citizens of Ukraine to return back to Ukraine, who are permanent residents of other states aiming at decrease of emigration flows; counteraction to trafficking, protecting citizens of Ukraine abroad and also foreigners and persons without citizenship staying on the territory of Ukraine affected by trafficking.

Realization of this Concept foresees:

Improvement of legislation in the field of migration taking into account generally recognized principles and standards of international right including Ukraine’s accession, if necessary, to multilateral international agreements in the sphere of migrants’ rights protection;

Concluding bilateral international agreements on issues connected with protection of migrants’ rights; participation in international cooperation in order to take account of social, ethnic, religious and cultural peculiarities of migrants while providing them with medical services;

Software development and implementation of state and regional programs on issues of migration foreseeing actions on social-economic improvement of migration situation, etc. in them

Source: http://zaxid.net/newsua/2011/5/31/111604/