Illegal migrants work on the fields of Ukraine


A criminal case is instituted against business owners who brought more 100 illegal migrants from Tajikistan were engaged in agricultural work. It was established in the course of investigation that directorship of one of the companies with limited responsibility delivered and placed 106 citizens of Republic of Tajikistan at land areas of Chernyanskyi Village Council, who arrived to check point of Simferopol.

According information taken from illegal migrants, they arrived to Ukraine for agricultural works aiming at having earnings. However, the directorship of the company did not receive any permission from Regional Employment Agency on employment of the foreigners.

Khahovskyi inter-district public prosecutor’s office instituted a criminal case by the facts of misuse of service state by the officials from indicated company foreseen by Part 1 Article 364 of Criminal Code of Ukraine. The business owners are threatened now with imprisonment for the term of six months, a Tadjiks are to be expelled from the country.

The group of experts from informative agency “Our Product” conducted unprecedented investigation of migration situation in Ukraine. Nowadays there are 5,1 to 6,8 million migrants staying on the territory of Ukraine having so-called “doubtful” status according to received result. Such a number of unrecorded citizens create sufficient social tension and their activity cause damage to budget in about $ 2 milliard.

As to opinion of national deputy of Ukraine Valeriy Konovaljuk, critical necessity is ripe to form weighed migration policy and create clear system of registration and identification of all arriving persons to Ukraine as well as those individuals who set out abroad for earnings. One of the “technical” migration problems is identification of migrants. The group of national deputies at the head of V.Konavaljuk elaborated a bill № 8507, where attention is paid to such documents as migrant’s map, identity card, etc.

In accordance with opinion of national deputy of Ukraine V. Hrytsak, biometric identification will help make order in calculation of migrants. Because illegal migrants are often issued paper documents, which are easy to forge and which are quickly become worn out.