12 illegal migrants were detained in Ukraine during the day


In the area of BS “Novoselytsya” of Chop BD in the course of the search actions in the forest area a citizen of Afghanistan was apprehended. The trespasser did not have documents. At the present moment border guards carry out procedures on identification of the detainee’s personality. This week inspector of BS “Tysa” of the same detachment apprehended a citizen of Syria at Ukrainian-Hungarian border. The foreigners confessed that he intended to cross the border illegally. In the area of BS “Uzhgorod” two citizens of Georgia were caught. They tried to get illegally to Slovakia.

Besides, border guards of Ismaiil detachment detained 3 migrants from China in a controlled border region of the city of Ismaiil, who also did not have any documents. These detainees underwent filtration measures. The trespassers were caught in the frames of realization of information previously received and worked out in time.

Border guards of Mukachevo Detachment prevented the attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine by the group of illegal migrants. Two Ukrainians transported 5 men on two cars, citizens of Pakistan without any documents. According to the words of detainees they wanted to cross the border aiming at looking for the better destiny in the countries of European Union. Now foreigners are at detention centre, concerning Ukrainian citizens a question is examined as to making them responsible for criminal case.

By the way, due to planned work of State Border Service and other law enforcement agents this year in comparison with the previous year 2010 the number of detention decreased of citizens of South-eastern Asia in 35% at Ukrainian border.