SSU arrested a Transcarpathian who organized channel of illegal migration


Ex-border guard was caught, who sent Chechen family to kingdom come. Former guard of order left a woman with four children at the border. Three girls were frozen to death.

In the year 2008, this horror chilled story about Chechen illegal migrant, who lost her children during the cross of the border (13, 10 and 6 years old) flied around the world. 36-year-old Kasima Dzhabrailova with a two-year-old son on the hands was detained by Polish border guards. The woman told that she was rambling for some days and she left her three daughters in the mountains. Later on border guards coming to a mentioned place – nearby the border post – found the bodies of the girls who probably felt asleep soundly pressing themselves to each other. As experts established, the reason of their death was super cooling. The girls wore light clothes, and temperature in mountains in September felt up to 3 degrees above zero. Only Kasima succeeded to stay alive with her son. Polish authorities granted her even a refugee status and permitted her husband to come to the country legally, who stayed in Ukraine. SSU was engaged in the search of those persons who assisted woman to cross the Ukrainian border and very quickly they got on the tracks of organizer of the channel.

It was border guard transferred to the reserve in 2005. In 2007 he agreed to transport a woman with children through the border for $ 2700, who planned to get to Austria or Sweden through Slovakia, where her relatives lived. She was taken to the village Zhornava – the nearest place to Slovakian border. She was taken into a strange locality at night. The smugglers showed further directions and went.  The woman was rambling in the mountains for three days and on the fourth day she came to Polish border guards.

As soon as in the year 2008 a criminal case concerning the “guide” was commenced as to illegal transportation of persons abroad, he disappeared from Transcarpathia at once deserting his family. He was announced in search. Only some days ago he was found. It appeared that he lived in Kyiv at his relative’s during some years realizing the products at one Kyiv markets.

Detention of a man became a complete surprise for him. The officers of SSU handcuffed him at his house. This time ex-border guard does not run away – the court will hardly let him giving a written undertaking.