Seven illegal migrants were detained from Somalia, Ghana and Georgia in Transcarpathian region


The officers of State Border Service of Ukraine detained 7 illegal migrants from Somalia, Ghana and Georgia. As border detail of “V.Bereznyi” reported two men and a woman were detained in the morning. They were citizens of Somalia having no documents identifying them. It was also established beforehand that Somali woman has already tried to cross the border in the year 2010. Now this information is checked.

In the afternoon of the same day border guards of Mostyskyi Detachment stopped two unfamiliar persons 400 m before the border. They were citizens of Republic of Ghana being of 20 and 27 years old. According to their words they were students of preparatory course of one of the medical universities of Ukraine. It was cleared out later on that these persons were not in the list of the students. Detainees explained that they found a map in the internet and examining it they decided to find the shortest way to get to Poland. This way is roundabout the check point “Shegeni”.

In the evening border guards of Chop Detachment of BS “Uzhgorod” apprehended two citizens of Georgia who were moving towards the countries of European Union.