Two groups of illegal migrants immediately were apprehended in Kharkiv region


Two illegal migrants 38-year-old citizen of Georgia and 40-year-old Armenian were detained in the distance of 50 m before the border nearby the village of Gatysche. Foreigners arrived to the territory of Ukraine in the search of better life and intended to get to Russia where, according to their words, they could find better job. However, they did not have real documents for crossing Russian border legally. They were proposed help on this point by Ukrainian citizen. During the illegal cross of the border they all were arrested by the border guards.

Two other residents of Georgia accompanied by the citizen of Russia were detained by detail of BS “Dergachi” nearby the village Kozacha Lopan 10 m before the line of the state border. As it was established they could not legally get to the territory of Russia because of absence of visas. Thus, they decided to cross the state border behind the check point using the service of Russian man who was as if their friend.