Illegal migrants from Georgia and Russia were apprehended in Transcarpathia


The border guards of BD “Uzhgorod” of Chop detachment apprehended three illegal migrants – two citizens of Georgia and a resident from Russia. The Georgians arrived to Kyiv by plane and then changing the transport they got to western border of Ukraine. Coming to Uzhgorod they rent a room in the hotel and waiting until twilight they set out in the search of better life in the countries of Western Europe.

However, the citizen of Russia being detained nearby Ukrainian-Slovakian border has been apprehended already before by the policemen of Vinitsa region. He was called to administrative responsibility for the break of the rules on stay at the territory of Ukraine and he is banned to enter Ukraine for one year. But 60-year-old Russian decided not to return back home and get to Slovakia.

Two more citizens of Georgia were arrested by the border guards of the same detachment in the area of “Verkhovyna Bystra”. They were stopped nearby the border in the suburb of the village Lubnya, V.Bereznyi district, Transcarpathian region.