Uzhgorod becomes a transhipment point for illegal migrants from southern countries


On June 9, in the afternoon two suspicious persons were detected going to Uzhgorod by the border guards of BS “Chop” in the course of realization of regimen actions in the train № 13 “Kharkov – Uzhgorod” in the coach № 11…

As it was established later, the violators were citizens of Uzbekistan. During the interview Uzbeks confessed that they intended to cross illegally the border of Ukrainian-Slovakian border beyond the check point with further aim to get to the countries of European Union and receive a refugee status there.

Two other “seekers” of better destiny from Moldova were detained on June 7 in the train № 107 “Odessa – Uzhgorod” – the trespassers were going to Transcarpathia under the pretence of tourists. During interview made by law enforcement agents boys planned to go to Italy in the search of jobs and wanted to cross Ukrainian-Slovakian border illegally.

All of these citizens were detained and attracted to administrative responsibility in accordance with Article 204 of Code of Ukraine on Administrative Infringements for attempt to cross the state border illegally.