Shoots and service dog scattered Afghanis on the trees


Border detail of BS “Kamyanytsya” noticed two unfamiliar persons100 m before the state border who were moving towards Slovakia. Seeing border guards unknown men started running. As the trespasser did not react to voice command border guards had to make two warning shoots up from device for shooting by rubber bullets “Fort-12P”. The runaways did not react to the shoots as well, thus a service dog was unlashed and detained one of the runaways. Strange as it may seem, it was a local resident. After arrival of reaction group border guards organized a search in that area aiming at finding other violators. The border guard later noticed one and then four illegal migrants sitting in the tree. Coming down to land one of detainees was trying to run away, but hearing warning shoot he stopped. Later on detainees were taken department of BS. The border guards succeeded to learn that detainees were citizens of Afghanistan- five men without document intended to cross Ukrainian-Slovakian border and get to the countries of European Union aiming at looking for the better destiny. At the present moment illegal migrants are in the detention centre of Chop Border Detachment and will stay there until establishment of circumstances of the infringement.

It should be marked that the same day border guards detected and detained nine more persons in Uzhgorod. They were citizens of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Guinea who violated the rules on stay on the territory of Transcarpathia.