Two Russians were breaking through the border of Transcarpathia to Austria illegally


Border guards of BS “Vilok” detained 2 citizens of Russian Federation for an attempt to cross the state border. The migrants were arrested200 m before the line of the state border. Aiming at carrying out searching measures and fixed signs of infringement a service car with three officers and a service dog arrived already n 5 minutes to a place of detection of 2 unfamiliar persons.

Detainees were citizens of Russian Federation(Kabardino – Balkaria). These persons intended to get to Austriain the search of better life having no documents permitting them to cross the border legally and thus they decided to cross the border beyond the check point “Vilok”.  Protocols on administrative infringement were drawn up as to detainees; the case was passed to the court. “Tourists” will have to pay fine for the break of the law in the sum of 3400 UAH.