Group of illegal migrants from Somalia successfully entered Slovakia from Transcarpathia


Illegal migrants fromSomaliawere detained inSlovakiawho entered the country by unusual way through Ukrainian-Slovakian border from Transcarpathia…

A car was stopped to be checked in the area of the village Snyna. There were seven persons – illegal migrants fromSomalia(five men and two women). They were transported by Slovakian “smugglers”.  The smugglers reported that migrants were handed over to them by Ukrainian ones. There they made agreement as to assist migrants in crossing Slovakian-Austrian border for a definite payment in order to get toItalyorGermanythen by the same way.  All illegal migrants were apprehended together with “smugglers”. At the present moment conditions of enteringterritoryofSlovakiafrom Transcarpathia are investigated.