Slovakian police arrested a large band of smugglers


According to information of the official representative of the president of Slovakian police Denis Baloga, a group of four smugglers – organizers of illegal cross through the state border were arrested in the result of operation “Voshod”. National subdivision on fight against illegal migration of Slovakia disclosed a group of smugglers who organized illegal cross of migrants from Ukraine to Slovakia and other countries of EU. 48 policemen and 12 service dogs took part in operation “Voshod”. It was established that smugglers had accomplices also in Ukraine who starting from January 2011 organized a cross of migrants through “green border” to the territory of Slovakia more than once. Transcarpathian smugglers handed over illegal migrants to Slovakian smugglers in the districts of Humenne and Snyna, who in their turn provided with transport through the mountain ridge, shelter and controlled further transportation from Slovakia to other countries of EU. Only in July seven Somali illegal migrants were smuggled in such a way from Ukraine to Slovakia. The organized grouping of smugglers received €5400 for arranged illegal deal. The smugglers are threatened with imprisonment for the term from 7 to 10 years.