Transcarpathian region maintains the lead in detention of illegal migrants


The violators were going by car, which was stopped by law enforcement agents nearby the border of Transcarpathia. They did not have any documents. During the interview and realization of checking activities it was established that they crossed Ukrainian-Moldavian border beyond the check point. At night border detail of BS “Delovoe” of Mukachevo Detachment apprehended three illegal migrants from Moldova who illegally arrived to the territory of Ukraine. The migrants planned to get to Uzhgorod and then to get illegally to the countries of European Union. In order to realize their plans, illegal migrants colluded with Ukrainian citizen who had to take them over Ukrainian-Slovakian border. At the present moment illegal migrants and their accomplice are detained and testify to law enforcement agents.

It should be mentioned that this was not still the first case of detention of illegal migrants in Transcarpathia where Ukraine is neighbour to EU country –Slovakia….

…The problem of registration and identification of migrants should be solved by the bill № 8507 “About documents identifying personality and confirming the citizenship of Ukraine”. On the eve of parliament vocations 243 deputies voted for it in the first reading.

The present bill, the author of which is national deputy Valeriy Konovaljuk, foresees introduction of not only passports for travelling abroad with electronic carrier (chip) as well as such documents as migrant’s card, refugee’s certificate, certificate on permanent and temporary residence and permission for employment assistance.