Border guards detained citizens from Bangladesh and Libya in Transcarpathia


Two citizens of Bangladesh and three persons from Libya intended to cross the border illegally in Transcarpathia.

Local resident informed about appearance of unfamiliar men in the border area. Two men of 35 and 22 years old were stopped at the border zone. They had no any documents. According to the words of detainees, they arrived from Bangladesh and intended to get to Western Europe. Their friends delivered them to border area by a lorry pointing the direction of their further movement. But they could not get abroad as they got lost.

Three more citizens of Libya were detained by border guards of BS “Uzhgorod” the same day with the help of thermal imager. They reported about the route of their movement being chosen from internet. They came to border area by taxi, but they did not cross the border as they were apprehended by the border guards. At the present moment detainees undergo checking measures.

Besides, the day before border guards of Mostyskyi Detachment detained 4 citizens ofVietnam. They intended to get illegally to Poland.