Tourists from Afghanistan got lost in Transcarpathia just nearby the very border


Border guards of BS “Palad-Komarivtsi” of Chop BD detained a group of “tourists” fromAfghanistan100 m before Ukrainian-Slovakian border. On September 20, department of BS “Palad-Komarivtsi” received information at night about the trespass of the state border. Not loosing time border guards made decision to direct a group of reaction there and inform Slovakian colleagues on this point.  As a result, three unfamiliar persons were detected in the distance of 100 m before the border line; at the moment of detention they had certificates on appeal to the court to be granted refugee status in the city of Odessa.

As it was established later, detainees were migrants from Republic of Afghanistan intending to cross Ukrainian-Slovakian border aiming at getting job in one of EU countries. These citizens were detained. They will be called to administrative responsibility in accordance with Article 204-2 of Code of Ukraine on administrative infringements.

At the present moment Afghanis are at the detention centre of Chop BD, their future destiny will be decided by the court.