Will introduction of biometrical passports decide the problem of illegal migrants in Transcarpathia?


Recently a regular bus with foreigners having documents with exceeded time limit (two men and three women) was detained at the border in Transcarpathian region. It was established during the check that one of the men – immigrant from Guinea had passport for travelling abroad, but term of this person’s stay on the territory of Ukraine expired already in March 2011.

Other detainees, immigrants from Congo, could present only the copies of certificates on refugee status granting on demand of the border guards. The reasons of their stay in Transcarpathia and use of overdue documents none of them could explain, thus they were called to administrative responsibility. At the present moment “travellers” are in the detention centre of Chop Border Detachment until establishment of all circumstances on infringement.

Some days before the officers of BS “Yablunivka” detained illegal migrants who besides illegal stay in Ukraine intended to take over the border 4,5 thousand cigarettes for the sum of more than 24 thousand UAH. The trespassers were detected during the check of operative information about possible illegal move through the state border. The workers of BS “Vilok” were in time to detain one more trespasser without documents – they were waiting for the cigarettes delivery for their next illegal transportation to neighbouring Hungary.

In 2009-2010 Ukrainian law enforcement agents detected 29 thousand illegal migrants. According to data of UNO,  nowadays  Ukraine takes the fourth place in the world as to number of migrants after USA, Germany and Russia. The total number of migrants in Ukraine comprises 5-7 million persons, as to the results of IA “Our Product”. As to data of Department of Family and Gender Police of Ministry of Family, the migration increase was fixed in 17 regions of the country, i.e. migration in Ukraine gradually acquires the traits of more sufficient constituent part of demographic situation.

The thing is that nowadays migration processes in the country are regulated by more than 20 international and Ukrainians normative-legal act that cause discords in normative base and complicates valuable calculation of migration flows. Besides, statistic data about migrants also do not match at different departments having in the system of MOI, Ministry of Labour, Pension Fund and State Tax Service of Ukraine.

Moreover, it should be pointed out that during the last nine months of its existence, State Migration Service of Ukraine under the management of Aleksandr Zabrudskyi no document on improvement of migration situation in the country has been elaborated yet and presented to public. On experts’ opinion, Ukraine will face inevitable with a series of economic and social problems without radical improvement of normative-legal and technical base of migrants’ calculation.

Decision to complicated situation with illegal migration will promote transition to highly protected electronic documents containing chip with biometric information about a person, at the same time providing with opportunity to keep valuable calculation of all movements of the citizens inside the country and beyond its borders.  Correspondingly, it will be a success to prevent illegal attempts of the illegal migrants to enter the country or leave it unnoticed.  Their movement will be fixed at the electronic data base of law enforcement agents.

Source: http://ua-reporter.com/novosti/108119