4 citizens of China were detained in Transcarpathia


The car with 4 citizens of China was detained by the border guards of BS “Solotvyno”, Transcarpathian region. Law enforcement agents stopped them50 m before the border line. The car was driven by 33-year-old citizen of Pidnebesna, who is a student of one Odessa higher institutions. His passengers, 33, 35 and 51-year-old men recently arrived to Ukraine. Men visited the country as if with business aim being invited by the company in Kyiv region. However, they found themselves not in Kyiv region but in Transcarpathia. Detainees could not explain it clearly. According to the words of Chinese driver, one of the passengers is his friend who asked to take them to western Ukraine. At the present moment men are expecting the court sitting, which will decide their destiny.

Source: http://pvu.gov.ua/control/uk/publish/article?art_id=129980&cat_id=48886