Illegal migrants did not get to EU countries because of car accident


The border guards of BS “Novoselytsya” of Chop Detachment detained 3 Somalis. They were transported by the car Volkswagen by Ukrainian man. The driver did not react to demand of border detail to stop and tried to throw the border guards. During his escape the car went down to ditch, where he was arrested by the border guards.

In the course of further searching actions late at night, law enforcement agents found one more Somali in the suburb of the village Dubrynychi.

Some hours later of the same night, border guards of BS “Stuzhytsya” detained three citizens ofSomalia. Two men and a woman hided in an abandoned building in the village of Volosynka, V.Bereznyi district. They spent the night in the cellar of a Transcarpathian resident.