Somalis orienting the stars to European Union were detained in Transcarpathia


Ukrainian border guards detained four illegal migrants in Transcarpathia nearby the river Tysa. They were citizens of Somalia intending to get to EU countries. Somalis were apprehended during their attempt to cross Ukrainian-Hungarian border at night. The violators lost their orientation. They found the shelter nearby the river Tysa. Not knowing that they are watched by the border guards, four of them were examining the star sky trying in such a way to define what direction they should move. Law enforcement agents detained these “tourists”. They were citizens of Somalia, man and women in the age of 19-23 years old. They did not have documents.

Besides, border guards detained three more illegal migrants from Moldova to the railway station of Chop (Transcarpathian region). At the present moment, all violators are called to administrative responsibility according to Article 204 Part 2 of Code of Ukraine on Administrative Infringements for attempt to cross the state border illegally. They are TD of Chop Border Detachment. The further decision will be made by the court.