5 citizens of Moldova were detained in Transcarpathia


Five citizens of Moldova who violated the rules on stay in Ukraine, were detained by the border guards of BS “Novoselytsya” of Chop Detachment together with SSU workers. After stopping two cars driven by Ukrainians, law enforcement agents detected 5 men in the cars, migrants from Moldova. During the check of the documents it was established that men had to stay in Vinitsa region and not in Transcarpathia. Soon, travellers of the age 19 to 44 years old confessed that providing the trade of petrol-powered saws they decided to change their intentions and tried to realize their goods in other regions. Law enforcement agents drew up the administrative documents as to detainees.

Source: http://pvu.gov.ua/control/uk/publish/article?art_id=132918&cat_id=48886