Afghani family intended to get to EU countries twice through Transcarpathia


A group of illegal migrants intending to cross the state border were detained by the border guards of BS “Knyagynya” of Chop Detachment. A man and woman with 2 under age children – girl (3 years old) and boy (6 months) were stopped 200 m before the state border. As it was established, spouses were apprehended not for the first time. Last month, citizens of Afghanistan were stopped by the border guards of the same detachment while travelling. Detainees were delivered to THF for refugees in Perechyn. On the day of detention, Afghanis arrived to the court in the town of Uzhgorod for case submission on administrative infringement. However, after the sitting in a municipal court they tried to get again to EU countries instead of returning back to Perechyn. They were helped by the accomplices who took them to the border by taxi. Desperate travellers were stopped nearby the barrage fence. Now, the persons involved are established.