Chop border guards detained 14 persons during two days


During last weekends Chop border guards stopped seven attempts of illegal cross of the state border.

On December 24, four citizens of Somalia were detained during their attempt to get to the countries of European Union in the area of BS “Palad Komarivtsi”. In such a way, not taking into account the “arming” of the border guards by set of thermal imager, the “guests” of the country were detected during their moving towards the state border, and their detention became merely a question of time.

The same situation happened in an hour in the area of BS “Uzhgorod”. Information about possible illegal crossing of the border reached the head border guard in time. The rest signs of detention – the number of detainees, their citizenship and motives of violation were identical to previous one.

Two citizens of Georgia decided to cross the border in the area of BS “Guta” in order to realize their intentions as to the search of better life conditions and get to Slovakia. However, their plans were not realized and they were detained on December24 in the evening by the border guards of mentioned department. As a rule, in these cases decision on punishment concerning all detainees will be made by the court.

But the most attentive border service was “Tysa”, which in the course of two nights detected and detained four citizens in their area, who were trying to get to Ukraine by turns with false passport documents. Thereby, all detained persons will have to pay a fine in the sum of 1700-3400 UAH.

Generally, Chop border guards detained 14 persons in the course of two days.