Illegal migrants checked Transcarpathian border guards on watchfulness three times


During the first four days of New Year border guards of Transcarpathian region stopped three attempts of illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine.

The first trespassers of Transcarpathian border in 2012 were two persons without documents, who were detained by the border guards of BS “Uzhgorod” after overcoming the barrage fence beyond the check point.  In the course of clarifying the circumstance of infringement and establishment of detainees’ citizenship, it became known that one of them was the citizen of Azerbaijan. He arrived to Ukraine to visit his friend – citizen of Ukraine. He planned to get to Slovakia with his friend. Later on in accordance with the results of operational-test activities, the exact goal of their intention to get abroad and persons involved in their assistance will be established.

The second detention took place in the area of BS “Tysa” – it was 65-year-old resident of Russian Federation, the native of Dagestan was apprehended in the evening some metres before the border line. Border detail received information ahead of time about unfamiliar person intending to cross the border to Hungary. At present moment the personality of detainee and circumstance of his trip to European Union are established.