Illegal migrants cross Ukrainian-Slovakian border almost every second day


Migrants illegally crossed Ukrainian-Slovakian border almost every second day last year. It was announced by press-secretary of Slovakian Police Agnesa Kopernytskaya. “In general, there were 177 detected attempts to cross Ukrainian-Hungarian border. Out of the number of illegal migrants 394 persons were arrested”, – Agnesa Kopernytska marked adding that 120 migrants asked political asylum in Slovakia.

If migrants would not do it, so in accordance with Agreement betweenUkraineand European Union they had been deported. “In case when it is impossible to identify from what country the migrant arrives so then he is placed to camp for refugees”, – the press-secretary of Slovakian Border Police said.

According to information of A. Kopernytska, 195 attempts of illegal cross of the Ukrainian-Slovakian border were fixed last year, the number of arrested persons comprised 495. If in the year 2011 the majority of migrants arrived from Moldova, so in 2010 these were Somalis. However, organizers of illegal transportation started to apply new tactics – they try to transport their clients presenting false Belgium residence permissions for the border guards’ control.