Five Afghans unsuccessfully were noticed by border guards


On January 24, border guards of BS “Uzhgorod” of Chop Border Detachment detected a group of people (5) of Asian appearance in Uzhgorod during the check of possible places of stay of illegal migrants. Later on, the reasons on migrants’ staying in Uzhgorod were clarified and their citizenship was established. They were the citizens ofAfghanistanand had “Documents on appeal for protection inUkraine” issued in Transcarpathian region and valid before February 3, 2012. And everything would be finished for Asians positively if they had not violated the rules on stay inUkraine, namely: the place of registration and residence was Mukachevo and not Uzhgorod in the above mentioned documents. Whether Afghanis intended to “attack” the border and get toWestern Europeit will be established later – so far no protocols are prepared which will be passed to the court.

It should be marked that sanction of Article 203 of Code of Ukraine on Administrative Infringements foresees administrative responsibility in the form of the penalty in the sum of 850 UAH.