Pavlenko: Rights of refugee children in Zakarpattia must be improved


It is necessary to as soon as possible approve the regulatory documents for improvement of the mechanism of protection of rights of children, separated from their families and arrived to the territory of Ukraine as refugees.
This was said by the President’s ombudsman for children Yurii Pavlenko in Uzhhorod during the interdepartmental meeting for the issues of protection of refugee children and asylum seekers, as was stated in the press service of the President of Ukraine.

“In particular, this concerns the procedure of determination of their age, appointment of legal representatives; execution of the Law “On refugees and persons, in need of additional or temporary protection”, of the Conception of state migratory policy, approved by the President, and the Decree “On the issues of ensuring the rights of children in Ukraine”, Pavlenko noted.

The representatives of the Uzhhorod Regional State Administration, State Migration Service, State Border Services, Ministries of Education and Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Administration of Activity of the President’s ombudsman for children, heads of the children’s services, and representatives of public and international organizations took part in the meeting.

By the results of the meeting, the plan of actions was adopted and its responsible executors were defined.