Amnesty International has criticized Ukrainian police for the treatment of refugees


It was said in the statement on the site of the organization. According to data of organization, there are about 60 Somalis and 6 citizens from Eritrea including 20 children, who were detained on the territory of Ukraine in November-December 2011 and were placed to Temporary Accommodation Centre in Zhyravychi, Volyn region. Detainees went on hunger strike as a protest against imprisonment. On January 30, the law enforcement agents being armed with truncheons and worn in protecting outfit forced illegal migrants to eat food. According to data of Amnesty International they were beaten and some of them received anonymous e-mails and phone calls containing threats on murder and racist offences. Amnesty International calls Ukrainian authorities to guarantee safety to illegal migrants. “Authorities must guarantee the absence of tortures and other kinds of cruel treatment of these detained persons…These migrants seeking asylum just try to avoid the breach of human rights in the countries of their origin and now they undergo cruel treatment in Europe”, – it is marked by the deputy director of Amnesty International on European Countries and central Asia, John Dalhusen. The organization notes that Ukraine joined UNO Refugee Status Convention and cannot deport citizens to the countries, where they can be subjected to risk of serious violations of human rights. In accordance with this fact, Dalhusen regards that detention of persons does not have any juridical grounds. As it was mentioned in the statement of UNHCR, it appeals Ukrainian authorities to grant refugee status or complementary protection to citizens of Somalia, who were arrested by police in December 2011 for illegal stay in Ukraine. On January 19, International Human Right Organization Amnesty International called Ukrainian authorities to release Somalis, who were apprehended by police in December 2011 for illegal stay in Ukraine.