Human Rights Watch accuses Ukrainian police in beating detained illegal migrants from Somalia


International Human Rights Organization Human Rights Watch accuses law enforcement agencies in a rough use of force to detained citizens of Somalia for illegal stay in Ukraine, who are at the Temporary Accommodation Centre “Zhuravychi” (Volyn region).
According to information presented on the site of the organization, 58 detained Somalis have gone on hunger strike in token of protest against destitution of opportunity to apply for asylum and against unjust consideration of their applications by Ukrainian authorities.
“As one of the hunger strikers reported to HRW, on January 30 in the afternoon a group of about 21 policemen in masks arrived  to TAC having truncheons and tear gas. They searched the rooms of detainees and confiscated some personal things… The same man informed us that policemen beat some hunger strikers with truncheons and feet”, – it was said on the site.
Somalis also appeal to release them, as in case of their deportation to the country of their origin where they can undergo the risk of tortures and prohibited treatment, Ukraine will violate its international obligations.
In its statement, Human Rights Watch appeals Ukrainian authorities not to let such incidents and immediately to stop oppressions and threats from police concerning migrants from Somalia seeking asylum in the TAC Zhuravychi.
It is not the first accusation is sounded in the address of Ukrainian law enforcement agents. Before Amnesty International  criticized Ukrainian law enforcement agents accusing them in rough treatment of citizens of Somalia and Eritrea, who were detained for illegal stay in Ukraine.