«Doctors of the world» handed over humanitarian Ultrasound system in Transcarpathia


In the frames of present charitable company, International Charitable Humanitarian Organization “Doctors of the World” handed over 4 systems of ultrasound diagnostics Acuson X150. The first system of ultrasound diagnostics Acuson X150 will be installed in Ukraine for rendering medical aid to refugees and migrants, which was transferred to organization “Doctors of the World” in the frames of charitable company of concern Siemens,

Ukraine is important transit country for migration to Europe. The specialists of organization “Doctors of the World” transferred the system of ultrasound diagnostics Acuson X150 to its partners inUkraine– Charity Organization “Medical Aid Committee in Zakarpattya” that renders medical aid and psychological support to refugees and asylum seekers in Transcarpathia including women who became the victims of human traffic. The majority of persons in need of undergoing ultrasound diagnostics are pregnant women who more often address for such aid.

Nowadays,Ukraine is on the fourth place as to the number of migrants after the USA,Russia and Germany. According to UNO calculations, there are about 6,7 million illegal migrants in Ukraine, who use the country as transit point on the way to the countries of European Union. In the course of the last ten years, the flow of illegal migrants has grown almost in 20 times. Since2005, a stable tendency has been observed as to increase of the flow of migrants above the number of those who wish to leave the country. There are about 200 000 migrants registered live at Temporary Holding Facilities, who pend to get asylum or right for stay in Ukraine.

Source: http://ua-reporter.com/novosti/112945