Somalis were driven out of Vinnytsya before sunshine



After detention of the group of Somali illegal migrants at the border on Hungary, Vinnytsyachefstook 6 persons into the car and sent them out of the city?

There were two cases of detention of Somali illegal migrants by the border guards during March, who tried to cross the border. In both cases, foreigners reported that after arrival to Ukraine they lived in Vinnytsya and then they were delivered to Transcarpathia. As it is known, one of Vinnytsya Human Rights Organization is specialized in support of Somali illegal migrants due to this fact Vinnytsya is known as “illegal capital of Somalia”. After second detention of foreigners at the border, Vinnytsya law enforcement agents detected the group of Somali migrants already the next day. Early in the morning, foreigners were going by two taxis in direction of the city of Khmelnytskyi. Taking into account previous events at the border, it was evident that illegal migrants were sent out of Vinnytsya hurriedly.
To Hungary through Vinnytsya
The press-secretary of Mukachevo Border Detachment informed about detention of two citizens of Somalia of the age 16 and 18 years old on March 13 at the border. The detail detected foreigners during the examination of the car driven by the resident of Vinnytsya region. One of Somalis was taken to the hospital at once – his left hand was frostbitten. The foreigner explained to the border guards that he got his hand frostbitten when he was drunk.

Already on March 21, four foreigners naming themselves also citizens of Somalia were apprehended by the border guards of the same detachment in the distance of 1,5 km before the border. According to the words of detainees, they aimed to get illegally to Hungary. One more Somali was detained 1 km before the border. As it is informed by the press-secretary of the head of Mukachevo Border Detachment, they are kept at Temporary Detention Centre in Chop, their future destiny will be decided by the court. The actions on establishment of circumstances of infringement and the circle of persons involved are continued to be investigated.
Taxi was stopped by State Motor Vehicle Inspection (SMVI)

Six illegal migrants were detained on March 22. Two cars were stopped by SMVI inspectors at4 a.m.. The cars attracted police officers’ attention as they were overloaded and moved one by one. During the check of the cars, 6 passengers of African appearance were detected of the age 18 to 25 years old, there was one woman among them. Detainees did not have any documents at that moment. According to the words of detained migrants, it was established that five of them were citizens of Somalia and one person was from Syria, who accompanied them. Then it was learned that three of them had certificates on their addressing for refugee status granting. One citizen just appealed against the reject on refugee status granting to the court, and woman had document issued by Transcarpathian State Migration Service. No doubt that they had a plan to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine. All foreigners were delivered to District Police Station to identify their personalities. At the present moment, they are released.

The taxi drivers will have to pay fine, the maximal limit for this kind of violation is 3400 UAH. Protocols about administrative infringement were drawn up as to the drivers in accordance with Article 206-1 of CCU (Transportation by the drivers of the foreigners and stateless persons who violated determined rules on stay in Ukraine and their transit travel through the territory of Ukraine if these actions are directly connected with illegal cross by the persons of the state border of Ukraine). The sanction stipulates imposition of fine in the size of 100 to 200 of untaxed minimums of the citizens.

Iryna Zhuk