59 illegal migrants awaiting of their fate


At the present moment, there are 59 persons in Mukachevo Temporary Accommodation Facility (TAF) – they are namely citizens from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Egypt. Most of them are children – 32, eight out of them are unaccompanied minors. All of them made their way to Europe in the search of better destiny; however, they were caught at the border.

«Centre of open type, – it is reported by Petr Rosola, deputy director of TAF, – allows people here to go outside. Children study here, particularly in Mukachevo Secondary School № 16, they have many friends, they master language. There are also babies who were born in the centre».

The very asylum seekers do not complain on the conditions, they say that they have all necessary things except job. They also mention that Transcarpathian inhabitants though good people, but they are not always tolerate as to other nationalities. Majority of foreigners do not wish to return back to their country of origin as there is war there, women are raped, children are killed.

Source: http://ua-reporter.com/novosti/115736