A group of Moldavians were breaking through Transcarpathian forest to Slovakia


Weekend became rather “hot” for border guards of Chop Detachment as they had to realize the detention of 6 persons trying to cross illegally the state border.

The luckiest were illegal migrants from Moldova because border guards of BS “Guta” caught them in the approach to state border and they had to get over the hard passable mountainous-wooden area. There were 5 detainees, one of them did not have any identifying documents.

In the area of BS “Onokovtsy” one more citizen of Moldavia also without documents was arrested.

What country of European Union has to become the point of their destination and their personalities will be established later. At the present moment administrative-procedural actions and operative-investigation measures are undertaken. Decision about responsibility before the law and their future destiny will be defined by the court.

Press service of Chop Border Detachment 

Source: http://ua-reporter.com/novosti/115713