Transcarpathian border guards apprehended 5 illegal migrants from Africa


A group of persons without documents was detained in the area of BS “Uzhgorod”. Border guards learned information beforehand about appearance of the group of persons of African appearance in controlled border area. Border detail took all necessary measures on sudden detention of the violators, in the result of which four persons without documents finished their night walk. The fifth illegal migrant was caught later by operative group with the help of the service dog. All detainees were citizens of Congo. At the present moment administrative-procedural actions and operative-checking measures are carried out with the aim to establish the possible participation of the citizens of Ukraine in transportation of illegal migrants.

It will be recalled, that persons assisting illegal migrants in moving through the state border of Ukraine are punished by the Law in the form of imprisonment for the term of 7 years.

Press-service of Chop Border Detachment