Two Serbians and Croat were fined for 1530 UAH


During the last two days, a series of detention were conducted by the border guards of BS “Tysa” and “Chop”.

In the area of check point “Tysa” a citizen of Ukraine was apprehended, who tried to cross the border with invalid document. In the check point “Uzhgorod” border guards did not let a woman, citizen of Ukraine, through the border, who also presented invalid document for check and Ukrainian who did not give any documents for control. Decision concerning the responsibility of our country fellows before the law will be made by the court. It should be mentioned that their unsuccessful attempts “to cross the border unnoticed” can enlarge the state treasure for the sum of 5100 – 10200 UAH.

Two citizens of Serbia were detected in the check point “Tysa” as they exceeded determined by the legislation the term of stay in Ukraine. They have already paid the fine in the sum of 1020 UAH. Their example was repeated by the citizen of Croatia who held over the specified term and wanted to depart from Ukraine through the check point “Chop-passenger station”. Thus, he had to pay the fine in the sum of 510 UAH. After fines payment, indicated foreigners continued their trip.