Transcarpathian residents “gave away” the trespassers


In Transcarpathian region local residents helped apprehend illegal migrants in the area of BS “V.Bereznyi”. Border guards received information about the movement of two unfamiliar persons made their way towards Ukrainian-Slovakian border. Considering the possible development of situation specialists reinforced the power of border security as to possible direction of two unfamiliar persons. Operative group started to the place in order to check information. In a result of counteraction, already in 30 minutes border detail detected and apprehended two men after overcoming the barrage fence. The trespassers could not present any documents identifying their personality, however they named Georgia as the country of their origin.

Detainees were delivered to BS subdivision in order to establish the circumstances of infringement and preparation of administrative- procedural documents.

Decision on responsibility before the law and their further destiny will be defined by the court.