Chop border guards detained the group of illegal migrants


Border guards detained three “happiness seekers” in the check point “Chop-passenger station”, who attempted to get to EU countries through the responsible area of Chop Border Detachment. Three men going by train from Odessa to Uzhgorod, probably did not expect to meet border guards at the station “Chop”. But during the control of the train, “travellers” did not present any document identifying their personality and did not confirm the aim or point of their destination in Ukraine.

Thus, tourist were apprehended for the violation of the rules on border regimen. In the course of checking activities violators confessed that they were citizens of Republic of Moldova and aimed at illegal cross of the border to European Union beyond the check point.

At the present moment, citizens are detained for establishment of the circumstances of infringement and preparation of administrative-procedural document, decision on responsibility before the law and their further destiny will be decide by the court.